About Coronation Candy

Coronation Candy’s history is almost as long as our record-breaking stick of rock. Established as Coronation Rock by Alex Bolton back in 1927, we’ve survived through World War II and the Great Depression, and we’re still going strong well into the 21st century!

Originally a relatively humble business creating rock sticks and boiled sweets, we flourished during the war where demand went through the roof despite the many troubles of the time. People came from all over the country to sample and buy Blackpool rock and we even got the chance to present Sir Winston Churchill with a specially commissioned giant bar of rock.

Record Breakers

Since then, we’ve been in the news for some incredible feats, not least for holding a Guinness World record! To help promote Peter Kay: Live at the Top of the Tower back in 2000, we created the world’s largest stick of rock, measuring 14 foot and weighing in at nearly 70 stone (that’s equivalent to four newborn elephants)!

Coronation Candy Today

Since rebranding as Coronation Candy on February 1st 2017, we still take pride our rich heritage as much as we do our boundary-pushing nature. Our most popular product may still be the traditional pink peppermint rock with BLACKPOOL ROCK through the centre, but we have also invested substantially in bespoke manufacturing equipment, factory upgrades and raising our quality certifications from SALSA to BRC standard.